Palace Hotel is an indie rock band from Seattle, founded during the summer of 2019 and formed in a basement as all good things are. Our music is a direct reflection of who we are, four average joes on a mission for luxurious tones and a discerning audience. All are welcome into Palace Hotel, but please book at least two days in advance!

Band Bio

Austin Kinzer hails from Issaquah and enjoys playing the intro to Weird Fishes any chance he gets. He rips on a wakeboard and can eat 10x his weight in a day, no problem.

GJ Silverwolf maintains the flow and holds down the intersectionality of tone and rhythm on the bass guitar. When he's not on a motocross course, GJ enjoys dialing his Eventide pedal.

Marc Angel has the coolest name in the band (GJ close second) and keeps the beat steady and saucy at all times. He loves his family and may even love mushrooms more.

Sam Brakken wears the same Oxford sweatshirt everywhere he goes, despite having never studied there. He spends most of his time managing his fantasy basketball team with a current record of 2-6.

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