Indie Bands

Indie Rock Bands that Will Rock Your World

When you hear the term indie rock bands, what do you think of? Perhaps talented and iconoclastic musicians playing incredible music in a bar known to the select few? The great new indie bands that your best friends turn you on to? Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll? The 27 Club? The best college radio stations? Groupies, inspiration, and mad moments of divine connection? Raves? Perhaps you think of the mystique of Rimbaud, coupled with the urgency of a firefighter, and the charisma of that special someone who gives you wood or gets you drenched with yearning? That cock-of-the walk feeling when you discover groups your friends haven't discovered yet? Indie bands are creating compelling music that is edgy, challenging, haunting, and that gets in your head with jackhammer urgency. Music that makes you ruminate over the lyrics or respond to the beat. So what exactly are indie rock bands? According to the “Urban Dictionary,” it is music made by bands not signed to a recording contract or who are committed to an underground label. It is bands who are experimenting and pushing the boundaries and finding the cutting edges of their sound.