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Palace Hotel Music and Live Music Seattle

CD Baby notes that Palace Hotel music has its influences in jazz, electronic, and folk-rock music. The Palace Hotel single “On the Table” has inspired fans on YouTube to note that the song “is a bubbly track with dark beginnings,” which kind of sounds like your last love affair, doesn't it? And keeping on with the element of poignant energy, CD Baby also says that an “eerie vibe haunts this pumping indie ballad, you can't resist but wonder what the story is.” Wow, still reminds you of your last romance, right? Uncanny!


Live Music Seattle


One of Seattle's nicknames is “City of Music.” It never disappoints. Discover over eighty clubs and venues (and that's not counting raves, house parties, and street performances) showcasing live music with sounds banging the gong of variety from classical performances to indie bands mounting the stage. Keep your ears and mind open for all that Seattle has to offer. This is the town that presented the world with Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, 7 Year Bitch, Heart, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Postal Service, and Death Cab for Cutie.